Bay Alarm Medical: Reviews and Company Overview

Bay Alarm Medical makes an "at-home medical alert" and a "go anywhere" medical alert. The company seems well regarded in reviews on the Internet, and these products often score well in on-line review sites of medical alert products.

The company has a solid reputation as a home security company (ie burglar alarms etc).

Like many medical alert providers, the company outsources the actual "monitoring response service" to a company that specializes in that service. In the case of Bay Alarm Medical, they use a well respected monitoring responder company, also used by many other medical alert providers, called AvantGuard.


Individual Product Reviews: Our Analysis


SOS Smartwatch medical alert

Bay Alarm, SOS Smartwatch

The SOS Smartwatch is one of the "easiest to use" products in the "medical alert watch" category. It functions quite well as a medical alert, looks quite stylish, and has the key smartwatch attributes of telling the time, and step counting.



Bay Alarm In-Home Alert

Bay Alarm In-Home Alerts

These two products are conceptually similar, providing medical alert systems at home only. One works with a conventional landline and one works with a cellular connection to the monitoring service.


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