Bay Alarm Medical: Reviews and Company Overview

Bay Alarm medical makes an "at-home medical alert and a "go anywhere" medical alert. The company seems well regarded in reviews on the Internet, and these products often score well in on-line review sites of PERS products.

The company has a solid reputation as a home security company (ie burglar alarms etc).

Individual Product Reviews: Our Analysis


Bay Alarm In-Home Alert

Bay Alarm In-Home Alerts

These two products are conceptually similar, providing medical alert systems at home only. One works with a conventional landline and one works with a cellular connection to the monitoring service.



Mobile GPS

Bay Alarm, Mobile GPS Medical Alert

This product is a go-anywhere type alert, using a cellular connection directly from the "wearable" to communicate with the monitoring service. In this case the "wearable" is larger than the more traditional home-type medical alert pendant, and is not waterproof. There is no home base station and...


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