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This website explains NORCs, and explains how they work. NORC is an acronym for Naturally Occurring Retirement Community - a building, neighborhood, or section of a city not originally built for seniors, but where people are aging in place or have moved in to join like-minded others. 

From the website: "NORCs exist in subsidized housing complexes, private condominiums or cooperatives, rental apartment buildings, and single-family neighborhoods. They come in countless shapes and sizes, but can be grouped into two broad categories:

  • Housing-based NORCs. Also called a “classic,” “closed,” or “vertical” NORC, these are located in a single age-integrated apartment building, a housing complex with multiple buildings under common management, or an area where a number of apartment buildings are clustered together.
  • Neighborhood-based NORCs. Also known as “open” or “horizontal” NORCs, these are typically one- and two-family homes in age-integrated neighborhoods.

By taking full advantage of the skills and experiences of senior residents and other resources, some of these communities are finding strategies for supporting aging in place. Because of the density and proximity of seniors in NORCs, economies of scale make it possible to rethink the ways services can be organized and delivered, creating opportunities to make these communities good places in which to grow old."



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