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Reviews and ratings for "senior care". This site is designed to help someone who needs residentail senior care compare their options and find the best one.

They try and cover all the major living options: assisted living, independent living, continuing care communities, skilled nursing homes, in-home care, hospice, and memory care.

Includes brief summary of what all these options are.

The provide online reviews. They have a link where you can "talk to a family advisor".





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from Richard-Caro (member) at September 13, 2013

This is one of a class of services including Golden Reviews, and OpenPlacement. All are designed to help people find the right living option for their aging family member who needs help, most likely in the form of a move to some type of residential facility.

There is certainly a big need for this. A bit unclear who pays in this case. The website includes a place where you can register to get some advice from a family advisor. Perhaps you pay for this?

Three stars because this aspect is a bit vague. But the need is great.

In my experience, it becomes important to understand whether these sites are working for the senior or for the residential care providers. if you are not careful subtle conflicts of interest can make the results suboptimal.

If anyone has tried this out, please post your experiences.



from waltmaclay (member) at September 14, 2013

This resource lists elder care providers across the country. It has even more care providers than  Enter your city and state, and it provides a list.

It includes ratings for the providers, but most are not yet rated.



from tientown (member) at January 15, 2015

I don't see the link or even the domain name you're referencing. Post please?



from webmaster (member) at January 15, 2015

hi. The link to this resource is listed above under "resource website"



from juniper421 (member) at November 25, 2021

Reviews of bay area places on GoldenRreviews are all 7 or 8 years old. Also over half of reviews were posted on same day for SF Towers and Marymount.


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