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Something new under the sun: Like a fine blended wine, Fujitsu blends GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and LED technologies with ergonomic design to create an assistive device which is much more than a cane.

Fujitsu this week showed off a prototype of a smart cane aimed at helping the senior citizen community stay mobile.

The New Generation Cane, unveiled at this week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, serves as an accessible way for the elderly, and their loved ones, to track location, heart rate, and temperature. It even send email alerts if it thinks the user has fallen down.

According to the BBC, the device comes with technologies like GPS, 3G, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, as well as an LED display the handle. Users can plan a route in advance using a compatible desktop program that send directions to the cane, which then displays arrows and vibrates to warn the carrier when to turn.





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from Richard-Caro (member) at Apr 27 2014 - 8:33am

Wow. I love the idea of this cane. I wonder if it has been implemented well. This is exactly the sort of tech-enhanced innovation that I think is feasible.

I just hope it's not like those Japanese toilets that monitor stuff, but which have never caught on in the West.



from candiece (member) at Apr 28 2014 - 6:09am

Love this product and that the technology can be extended walkers and wheelchairs. And I hate to throw cold water on it, but I've grown a bit cynical about how this information that exists in "the cloud" is stored . . . and used. If the field of "ethical technology" doesn't exist already, it should. Because even if there are firewalls to protect this information, it still can be hacked. Or does pharma or other industries get permission to use it to target their advertising? Worse, if the info is hacked, predators can know someone's route (your grandmother, for example) and have a pre-planned robbery in place. I truly don't like thinking these thoughts about such a wonderful invention, and since it is in beta, I'm sure the inventors are thinking about these issues. All this said, I hope this gets to market-great idea.


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