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Seems to be a combination of an android app with its own Samsung tablet, offering a curated web experience. Supposedly simpler to set up and maintain than a regular computer. With apps like address book etc.

Has a "hub" that lets a family member manage the system and get it all working, hopefully from afar.

Seems like it is designed for people that cannot handle a simple computer tablet and set of apps such as you would get with an iPad.

For sale in UK. Supposedly coming to USA soon







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from Richard-Caro (member) at October 18, 2013

I have a few issues with this concept, although I have yet to see it in the flesh. I hope they prove me wrong.

  1. Its sort of an iPad for dummies. Certainly there is room to improve on the iPad experience, but it is already pretty good. It is hard to imagine a better user experience without some collateral damage to other parts of the overall product concept.
  2. I really like the idea of a remote hub so someone else can manage the system. I do that today for some Apple products for my parent and it is not easy. But it is possible. And if I had to choose between troubleshooting an iPad at 3,000 miles or troubleshooting an Android/Samsung combo at the same distance, I know which seems more likely to be fun to me. So the overall implementation of the management layer will need to be excellent.
  3. I have a conceptual problem with the idea, which seems prevalent, that apps for "seniors" need to be dumbed down. That simply does not match my own experience. But we will see how others perceive this.
  4. Would love to see some actual user experiences

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