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Providers of aging services, developers of aging residential accomodation, home health providers, and other businesses providing services relevant to aging adults.

Overcome Today's Challenges. Avoid Tomorrow's.

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Analysis & Exploration: Service providers

Quickly Getting Help for a Friend in Need

"Hi, this is Lisa. I'm not sure I can take care of myself right now. Can you bring me some food?" I found that scary sounding message on my voicemail one Saturday morning. It started me on a journey to coordinate care for a close friend. I learned several things that I'll share with you...



How a Continuing Care Retirement Community Works

How a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) works is a question that often pops up when our explorer discussions turn to where and how to live as one gets older. This article explains how this model of retirement living works, and discusses their financial model.



Private Patient Advocates

As our healthcare system becomes more complex and hard to navigate, a new profession has emerged: patient advocacy. Patient advocates are people who work to help patients navigate the healthcare system, and can in principle help save money, and help make sure one gets the best...



Explorer Discussions: Service providers

Uber and Lyft: Users Like Their Experiences

The group is discussing use of the Uber app, which leads to a series of anecdotes and questions from members .........Read more

Who Prefers a Taxi vs. a Car for Hire?

Explorer Lynn starts the discussion by voicing a preference for the Flywheel taxi smartphone app.  .........Read more

How Can We Reduce Isolation and Loneliness in Age?

The Longevity Explorer group discusses some of the causes and the antidotes to loneliness and isolation in older adults, whether living at home or in a community setting.

Causes discussed include poor health, hearing loss, lack of purpose, and depression.

Possible solutions... .........Read more

Ensuring Financial Security over Extended Lifespan

The selection of a trusted financial advisor was key. One person recommended using a fee-based financial planner who won’t churn your investments and can run analyses of your portfolio over various scenarios (sensitivity analysis). Another advised turning assets over to someone while you still... .........Read more

Too Much Stuff: How Do I Get Rid of Unwanted Items?

Explorer Joe tells the group that he has accumulated many items that he no longer wants, and asks for suggestions as to how to get rid of hobby, art, or book collections if friends or family are not interested.  .........Read more

Steve Describes a High Efficiency Workout

Explorer Steve is familiar with a high intensity, interval type of strength training that he thinks can be beneficial to older adults. .........Read more


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Useful Products & Resources: Service providers (shared by our Explorers)

TRiLOC SafeTracks GPS Watch

TRiLOC GPS locator

This wrist worn device detects wandering and notifies of falls.


Roundtrip Medical Transportation

Roundtrip Medical Transportation

Roundtrip Medical Transportation is an Internet based service intended to make ordering non emergency patient transport more convenient by using a network of public and private providers.


Ride N Care

Ride N Care

Ride N Care is a ride service designed to provide transportation for elders who would benefit from having a companion to see them safely throughout their trip.


MUrgency - One Global Emergency Response Network

MUrgency Emergency App

MUrgency is intended to be a worldwide emergency response network to include emergency ambulance and home visits by a physician, nurse, or attendant.


Mom's New Pad

senior relocation services

Mom's New Pad is a California Bay Area realtor based senior relocation service designed to address all of the major roadblocks to downsizing and moving.


Hamilton CapTel

Closed caption phone displays

CapTel offers services and equipment for use by persons with hearing loss.


Kindly Care

Kindly Care

Kindly Care is an online employment and communication service intended to recruit and vet caregivers who then can be selected, and rates negotiated individually. The older adult or designated family member or friend can make care assignments and receive updates via an app.


GreatCall Rides

Senior Rides by GreatCall Lyft

GreatCall has teamed with Lyft to offer a ride service using live operators, eliminating the need for a smartphone app.


Buck and Buck

adaptive clothing

Buck and Buck is a site selling adaptive clothing and footwear for persons with disabilities that make dressing and undressing difficult.



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