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Wearable Technology V. Experimental Smart Watch Applications

Wearable Technolgy V. In the final portion of his presentation on wearable technology, Prof. Mandokiya described some experimental uses of smart shoes and smart watches to help physicans who are prescribing an incremental walking program after vascular surgery for patients with peripheral artery... .........Read more

Wearable Technology IV. WearableTextiles

Wearable Technology IV. Continuing his presentation on the ways in which research can inform the development of health applications for wearable technology, Prof. Mandokiya described the work of his own Wearable Sensing Lab at the University of Rhode Island, with its focus on wearable e-textiles... .........Read more

Wearable Technology III. Monitoring Parkinsons Symptoms

Wearable Technology III. Prof. Mandokiya narrated the story of his own early research investigating the use of  smart watch technology to monitor the symptoms of Parkinsons -- the tremors -- in order to help physicians monitor the effectiveness of medications they had prescribed. .........Read more

Wearable Technology II. The Internet of Things

Wearable Technology II. Following his overview of the talk, Prof. Mandokiya provided an explanation of how the broad new system termed "the internet of things" works -- linking appliances with sensors to transmitting devices like smart phones and Alexa, which forward these signals to "the cloud... .........Read more

Wearable Technology I. Prof Mankodiya Intro

Professor Kunal Mandokiya discussed his research using several kinds of wearable technology to assess and monitor illnesses like Parkinsons. .........Read more

Should I Volunteer for Medical Research Studies?

An Explorer introduces the idea of volunteering for medical research projects to the group. .........Read more


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Useful Products & Resources: Research, Labs and Pilots (shared by our Explorers)

MIT Open Style Lab

Open Style Lab at MIT

Whether by accident, injury, amputation, disease or any other cause, functional challenges continue to cause problems with regard to dressing fashionably with minimal assistance. Born of the marriage of the occupational therapy and fashion design disciplines, the MIT Open Style Lab is assembling...


Brain Health Registry


The Brain Health Registry is an online registry for people interested in research on new treatments for Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other conditions that affect brain function.




Well regarded balance and mobility exercise program to help avoid falls.


Five Hours a Day: Systemic Innovation for an Ageing Population


This report from UK think tank NESTA makes the case for a systematic look at how we live in an ageing society, to create models of living and working fit for the future.


Remember Me: The role of impact investing in dementia care


This report looks at the role of impact investing in funding and growing a new wave of social innovations to improve quality of life for people with dementia and their carers.


Royal Canes Folding Backpack Hiking Staff


Reasonably priced and well-reviewed, this folding hiking staff might be just the thing for those who aren't comfortable using a cane — but need extra assistance walking, standing and sitting. 


Memtrax: Memory Test


MemTrax is a new memory screening test that can help detect early changes in memory performance.

from their website:

"MemTrax is a screening test for the detection of learning and short-term memory issues, particularly the type of memory problems that arise with aging, Mild...


Health Alliance Partners


Recent research among 1600 older adults in the California Bay Area revealed that over 50% are "less than pleased" with their physical status, and the main difference between fitness buffs and those with more sedentary habits is chiefly psychological. This site is dedicated to the work of...


The Internet of Things: Market analysis


Harbor Research is a research and consulting firm, focusing on the "Internet of Things" and "Smart Services." The wave of connected devices has been coming for some time. According to their research it is about to hit hard. There are significant implications for the convergence of smart home and...



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