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Explorer Discussions: Research, Labs and Pilots

Exercise Brainstorming @ Stanford

Explorer Helen speaks about her participation in a recent project with a group of Stanford University engineering design division students. .........Read more

Brain Fitness: Starting the Discussion

Explorers at San Francisco Village take the first steps in a serial exploration of how best to maintain brain fitness as we grow older. .........Read more

Brain Research: explorers discuss brain health registry

Commonwealth Club Explorer Blanche introduces a discussion about brain health and the brainhealth registry. .........Read more


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Useful Products & Resources: Research, Labs and Pilots (shared by our Explorers)

MIT Open Style Lab

MIT Open Style Lab

Born of the marriage of the occupational therapy and fashion design disciplines, the MIT Open Style Lab is assembling teams to tackle problems of fitting clothing for people with limited dexterity.

Brain Health Registry

The Brain Health Registry is an online registry for people interested in research on new treatments for Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other conditions that affect brain function.

Royal Canes Folding Backpack Hiking Staff

Reasonably priced and well-reviewed, this folding hiking staff might be just the thing for those who aren't comfortable using a cane — but need extra assistance walking, standing and sitting. 

Memtrax: Memory Test

MemTrax is a new memory screening test that can help detect early changes in memory performance.

from their website:

"MemTrax is a screening test for the detection of learning and short-term memory issues, particularly the type of memory problems that arise with aging, Mild...


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