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Group to encourage networking on topics relating to aging, technology, and related topics


For Older Adults, their Families, and Caregivers

— and for Companies Creating Innovations Related to Aging.

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Analysis & Exploration: Networking or social groups

Cohousing: The Power of Community

Cohousing: The power of community. Thoughts from a cohousing pioneer.



Longevity Explorers Roll up their Sleeves

In our first 24 months, our 5 circles of older adults (Longevity Explorers) had more than 100 face-to-face circle meetings at which together we explored unmet needs related to growing older; tried out, critiqued and compared various interesting products; and engaged in brainstorming and ideation for new and better products to help improve the quality of life as we age. 



The Village Movement

Villages are a non-profit subscription membership network of individuals over 60 who want to stay in their own homes and neighborhoods – neighbors realistic about the transitions that come with getting older - committed to helping each other when there’s a need.



Explorer Discussions: Networking or social groups

SF Discussion Includes Tech Gadgets and Travel

Technology Gadgets and Travel are the topics of discussion this month by the San Francisco Explorers. .........Read more

SF Explorers: Topics on our Minds

At the start of the San Francisco Explorers' September meeting, members responded to a call for topics of interest to begin the fall season. .........Read more

Wave the Wand

If you had a magic wand, and it would give you anything you wanted to make your life easier, what would it be? .........Read more

How Can We Reduce Isolation and Loneliness in Age?

The Longevity Explorer group discusses some of the causes and the antidotes to loneliness and isolation in older adults, whether living at home or in a community setting.

Causes discussed include poor health, hearing loss, lack of purpose, and depression.

Possible solutions... .........Read more

More on living options from Comm Club

Commonwealth Club Grownups Forum explorers have an active discussion initiated by Denise, who has already taken steps to assure her of a comfortable living situation at retirement. .........Read more

Ideas for maintaining social connections as one ages

This Longevity Explorers' discussion of the importance of social interaction in later years turns on ways to build and maintain connections later in life. .........Read more


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Useful Products & Resources: Networking or social groups (shared by our Explorers)

Papa: Family on Demand

Papa: Family on Demand

Papa is an on-demand assistance service and app designed to help people and their family members stay independent while living at home.

Meetup Groups

Meetup is an Internet platform for like-minded people to get together for discussions, entertainment, vocational or social reasons.

Village to Village Network

Village to Village Network

The Village to Village Network is the national coordinating organization for the formation of local Village membership organizations. And it is the place to start if you want to check whether there is an active Village organization near you, or if you want to be part of starting one in your...

Stitch: Companionship, dating, travel & activity partners for older adults

Stitch: Companionship, dating, travel & activity partners for older adults

This web site brings people together, something like, but it has features that make it safer and more gentle, which older adults will appreciate.  You sign up for free.  Then you search for people like you.  Only when two people have indicated they are interested in taking is an...

Virtual Senior Center by Selfhelp

Virtual Senior Center by Selfhelp

The Virtual Senior Center makes it possible for homebound seniors to take part in intriguing live classes, world-famous museum-hosted tours, interact with peers on current events, chats with friends, enjoy yoga, learn wellness tips and discuss politics from their own homes. Through the program...


Nextdoor offers a micro social network designed to connect neighbors by supporting the communication of news, announcements, requests, invitations and alerts to near neighbors who join and follow this small neighborhood network.


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