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Analysis & Exploration: Computers, tablets, phones

Trends in Technology Use by Older Adults

Pew Research has released a report that shows a substantial increase in the use of technology by older adults. They increased the use of the Internet, smart phones, and TV. .........Read more



Seniors Embrace Social Media in Surprising Numbers

One of the writers I featured in my new book, The Vintage years: Finding Your Inner Artist (Writer, Musician, Visual Artist) After Sixty, didn't begin to write her first book until she was in her eighties. And realizing at that time that her preferred method of pen and paper was no longer... .........Read more



Explorer Discussions: Computers, tablets, phones

Elders Want Gadgets that are Fun and not Just Useful

An engineer in the group who enjoys making things bewailed the fact that many tools may be helpful but not many are fun. This prompted a lively discussion about gadgets that are fun to use.

Virtual Reality technology was a favorite. You can use it to take trips to exotic or interesting... .........Read more

The Mouse and Pain


Is there a mouse better designed to prevent hand pain?

There are various sizes and styles, including children’s styles that might be better suited for the small elderly hand. It would be a good idea to go to Best Buy and try out what is available. It would be a good idea to have... .........Read more

Smartphones Who has them? What do they use them for?

Is there a simplified smart phone for seniors? Several in the group still use flip-phones.

However, most in the group use an iPhone. One big advantage of using an iPhone is that many more people know how to use it and can give help when needed. It is better to use a common brand so that... .........Read more

Explorer Sports a Fashionable Smartwatch

Explorer AnnieScott describes the functions of her Movado Connect, a smartwatch in the form of a fashionable timepiece. .........Read more

Explorer Searches for Best Password Management Solution

Explorer Lynn introduces the group to her search for the best way to securely store passwords and the like - either online or offline - or both. .........Read more

Explorer Warns of Ransomware

Jean Marie describes the misfortune of an acquaintance who had his computer hacked and his files held for ransom. .........Read more


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Useful Products & Resources: Computers, tablets, phones (shared by our Explorers)

RFID Blocker Sleeves, cyber security

RFID blocker sleeves protect credit cards, passports, and other radio frequency ID cards from being read by unauthorized scanning devices nearby.

Simple Smartphone, easy to use wireless devices, communication

Easy to Connect is offering wireless devices that are basic in design for ease of use by older adults. The products aim to simplify the technological environment to meet their capabilities, and improve their day-to-day lives. Smartphones and tablets are now available, with other products in the...

AARP Realpad tablet computer, easy computer

Promoted by AARP, Realpad tablets are priced to be affordable for most people and they are designed to be easy to operate right out of the box. Being user friendly is at the top of the priority list, so technical assistance is available 24/7.


GrandPad is a simple and secure tablet computer that digitally connects mom to her family and friends. Mom can easily view family photos and videos, play games, check weather, listen to music, send voice emails, make phone calls, video chat, and more.


Seems to be a combination of an android app with its own Samsung tablet, offering a curated web experience. Supposedly simpler to set up and maintain than a regular computer. With apps like address book etc.

Has a "hub" that lets a family member manage the system and get it all working,...



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