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After 25 years as an engineer and scientist, I just completed my M.A. in Family & Consumer Sciences (interior design) at San Francisco State University. My research focus was on aging in place. I will be presenting my research results at the ASA 2014 Aging in America conference and hopefully will be accepted for 2 other conferences in spring-2014. Returning to university after 40 years was a kick, but the tough part is how to translate that education into fostering consumer change for aging in place, and of course, turning that M.A. into a J.O.B.

Go to my website for the slideset and thesis for my research, my CV, and design projects I have done.


My Articles & Research on Tech-enhanced Life

Eye-openers from the 2014 American Society on Aging Conference

I attended my first American Society on Aging conference from March 11-14, 2014, in San Diego, CA. There were hundreds of sessions, but I was only able to attend 4-5 per day. Following are highlights from the ones I attended.



Boomer Decision-making on Home Modifications for Aging in Place

Some of you may have participated late last year in my research survey about consumer decision making, baby boomers, and aging in place. If so, thank you very much for contributing to our collective knowledge! As of mid-November 2013, 225 people had responded to the survey: 57% boomers aged 50-64, and 43% non-boomers aged 65+. 

For decades, AARP has conducted surveys showing that 80-90% of Americans want to age in place. My survey results were similar at 78%. The literature research for my thesis, though, indicated that less than 15% of earlier...



Aging in Place survey from SFSU

Participate in an important research survey by SFSU on boomer attitudes to aging in place.