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Founder of CogPro Cognitive Prosthetics Ltd. in 2015. Life-long communicator, inventor, designer, creative solution source, serial entrepreneur.  Award-winning sculptor & furniture designer-craftsman; teacher; journalist and broadcaster; serial entrepreneur, founder of ZMR Designs Ltd (1979); CarShareHFX/ CarShare Atlantic Ltd (2008); and CogPro Cognitive Prosthetics Ltd.(2015);  Community volunteer & leader in Nova Scotia's cultural, design and invention communities. Born 1942, Buffalo NY; resident of Nova Scotia Canada since 1969.

My Articles & Research on Tech-enhanced Life

Alzheimer's Thermostat Design: Jeeves vs. Nurse Ratched

Thoughts about thermostats and people with dementia. Remember Jeeves, and Nurse Ratched? Imagine they were in charge of designing products for older adults. I wish we had the sort of products I imagine Jeeves would have designed for Bertie Wooster. Unfortunately, we seem to get the products Nurse Ratched might have dreamed up for the unfortunate inmates of "One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest".