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Founder of CogPro Cognitive Prosthetics Ltd. in 2015. Life-long communicator, inventor, designer, creative solution source, serial entrepreneur.  Award-winning sculptor & furniture designer-craftsman; teacher; journalist and broadcaster; serial entrepreneur, founder of ZMR Designs Ltd (1979); CarShareHFX/ CarShare Atlantic Ltd (2008); and CogPro Cognitive Prosthetics Ltd.(2015);  Community volunteer & leader in Nova Scotia's cultural, design and invention communities. Born 1942, Buffalo NY; resident of Nova Scotia Canada since 1969.

My Articles & Research on Tech-enhanced Life

Alzheimer's Thermostat Design: Jeeves vs. Nurse Ratched

Remember Jeeves, and Nurse Ratched? Imagine they were in charge of designing products for older adults. I wish we had the sort of products I imagine Jeeves would have designed for Bertie Wooster. Unfortunately, we seem to get the products Nurse Ratched might have dreamed up for the unfortunate...