Kim Schwarcz: profile


I have been a Private Professional Fiduciary for over twenty years.  During that time I was on the California state board of directors for four years, been California state conference chair a number of times, lectured on what a fiduciary does to the public, presented breakout sessions at various conferences, and have taught classes to future fiduciaries.

My degree is in textile design from Bergens Kunsthandverksskole which is in Bergen, Norway.  I made my living as a glass blower and textile designer until my mid thirties.  After that I worked in the fashion industry until I accidently fell into being a fiduciary.  

I feel very lucky to have made many people’s lives easier when they have gone through difficult times.  My clients range from people in their twenties though the late nineties.  Their issues range from Cerebral Palsy, developmentally delayed, traumatic brain injuries, mental illness and old age.