Need more space on cluttered nightstand

By: Inna Zatulovsky. Updated: September 17, 2021.

Problem description

My Mom has a lot of things on her bed stand, and she constantly complains that she needs more space.

She has there a lamp, clock, all her medications, water and speakers for the MP3 player. Also she has a bar that helps her to sit down. This bar blocks the drawers in the bed stand and makes them not usable.

I would like to create a bed stand that can resolve all these problems and make my Mom’s life easier. I have an idea how to do that and would like some feedback please.

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from Aging in Place technologies: Co-creating the future of aging Meetup, April 16, 2014.


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from faengelm (member) at January 28, 2021

How about a "tall nightstand" with shelves?


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