Talk: Aging parents & Family emergency.

Lisa Brinkmann

Lisa Brinkmann
Marin Villages

At our next Aging in Place Technologies Meetup (July 9), Lisa Brinkmann, Executive Director of the Marin Villages will be talking on the topic of:

Family emergency: how well do you know your (aging) parents?



Emergencies are just that - a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action.  If you found yourself  in the middle of an emergency involving your parents, how well would you fare? 

View the video of Lisa's talk:

Lisa Brinkmann, Executive Director of Marin Villages, will share lessons learned during such an event.

Lisa Brinkmann

Lisa is currently Executive Director of Marin Villages, and has a M.Sc. in Gerontology from USC. As her LinkedIn profile puts it "Lisa is passionate about helping adults age in place with technology solutions".

Event details

Wed. July 9, 6.30 pm -9.00pm

Tech-shop Mid-Peninsula (San Carlos, CA).

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