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Smart home with artificial intelligence control


We think artificial intelligence, smart home technologies, and robots have the potential to enable older adults to live independently for longer, and have better quality of life than they would without these gadgets.


We are evaluating products as they come to market, and sharing what we learn about which products are best for different types of people on this "Topic Hub".

Our Longevity Explorer community is also actively helping to shape new products in collaboration with innovators. As part of that initiative you can see some ideation and brainstorming on robots and AI that our Longevity Explorers have been doing here.



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Fire TV Cube with TV

How to Set Up an Amazon Fire TV Cube

Recently, a product called the Amazon Fire TV Cube has become available and I am finding it often helps me solve challenges I am working on on behalf my older friends. I have developed this "How to" guide to help other people like me set up a Fire TV Cube for their friends, relatives, or aging parents. I include instructions for how to enable various features I have needed for the solutions I have created for my friends and relatives.



home sensor systems for seniors

Caring from Afar: Guide to Home Sensor Systems

Read our report on this new category of products, designed to help seniors stay at home longer, and to help their families worry about them less. There are important lessons to be learned about which ones work, and for which types of circumstance they are optimal.



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