Retirement & Senior Living Choices: A Guide

choices: retirement living & senior living options and costs

Whether you call it senior living, retirement living, aging in place, or just finding a nice place to live when you get a bit older, where and how to live is a super important question for older adults.

There is a great deal of information on the Internet about the more traditional types of retirement community. But we find our explorers are still seeking clearer comparative information about what is out there, and how to choose between different retirement living options.

We also see a strong theme in our explorer discussions that suggests todays boomers are less enthusiastic than their parents about conventional retirement community options. Instead, people are asking about things like cohousing and other types of affinity-based community.

This page is the Topic Hub for our analysis of different retirement living options, and other types of senior living arrangements. 

If you are just starting your research into these topics, we recommend starting with this overview article about different options for retirement living.


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Retirement Housing: Choices for Later in Life

When it comes to retirement housing types, there are many choices. Here is an overview. As with most consumer items, 'it pays to shop'. Safety, affordability, and sustainability are the keys to making the right choice.



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Last Updated: April 23, 2020.