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There is a prevailing thought that products for older adults need to be designed with "different" things in mind than products for other demographics. But what should those "different" principles be? And is this idea even correct?

We are exploring these ideas in a series of explorations and articles. Our goal is to shed light on what people need to bear in mind as they think about developing products for various types of people who just happen to have as a common factor their age.



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Redefining & Redesigning Aging…By and For Ourselves!

I recently participated in a global design challenge to redefine aging. The Challenge was held on the OpenIDEO website / platform ( where thousands of design-thinkers from around the world participate in a virtual incubator. My team's idea was one of the six winning ideas. Put simply, the idea is to create a participatory design movement, where mature men and women are empowered to create their own future (products, services, experiences, communities, etc.).



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Last Updated: April 19, 2020.