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Why stop creating and doing fun stuff just because you hit a certain calendar age?


For Older Adults, their Families, and Caregivers

— and for Companies Creating Innovations Related to Aging.

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Analysis & Exploration: Work, Volunteering

Longevity Explorers Roll up their Sleeves

In our first 24 months, our 5 circles of older adults (Longevity Explorers) had more than 100 face-to-face circle meetings at which together we explored unmet needs related to growing older; tried out, critiqued and compared various interesting products; and engaged in brainstorming and ideation for new and better products to help improve the quality of life as we age. We are quite excited about the results of our explorations, and this article is to share some of them.



Working at 90 and designing for age

Stimulated by a recent NPR segment on working at 90, here are some thoughts about user interfaces for older adults, and why they fall short.



Co-creating the Future of Aging: First Steps

Last night we held the second meeting of the Meetup group: "Aging in Place technologies: collaboratively co-creating the future of aging". We wanted to attract people looking to roll up their sleeves and collaborate and actually work together on solving the challenges of aging, and that's exactly who came along. It was quite exciting.



Redefining & Redesigning Aging…By and For Ourselves!

I recently participated in a global design challenge to redefine aging. The Challenge was held on the OpenIDEO website / platform ( where thousands of design-thinkers from around the world participate in a virtual incubator. My team's idea was one of the six winning ideas. Put simply, the idea is to create a participatory design movement, where mature men and women are empowered to create their own future (products, services, experiences, communities, etc.).



Explorer Discussions: Work, Volunteering

Should I Volunteer for Medical Research Studies?

An Explorer introduces the idea of volunteering for medical research projects to the group. .........Read more

How Can I Maintain Physical and Mental Wellbeing as I Age?

Explorer Sandra asks the group about how to maintain physical and mental wellbeing in later years to maintain the enjoyment of life, and to avoid a focus on the down side of growing older. .........Read more

Why I Like Being Part of New Product Evaluations

Explorer Rich tells the group that he enjoys the opportunity to learn about products for older adults which are being designed or are in the production pipeline. .........Read more

Lacking a Reason to Get Up in the Morning

An explorer wonders how to respond to her 81-year old mother who is inactive in her retirement years, and appears to feel a loss of purpose. .........Read more

Purposeful Aging: How Can we Expand the Options?

Explorers discuss how to do a better job of engaging older adults in meaningful activity. .........Read more

On-demand Handyman: Wanted

An explorer poses the question: "how can I get an "on demand" superintendent / concierge to help with everyday tasks?". Discussion follows. .........Read more


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Useful Products & Resources: Work, Volunteering (shared by our Explorers)

American Geriatrics Society (AGS)


AGS is a membership organization of geriatrics health professionals which offers a wide variety of resource materials of interest to those practicing or who are interested in the field.




Sharefund was a website-based crowd sourcing approach to giving or getting help for a family member needing assistance. It facilitates recruiting volunteers from among close family and friends, as well as scheduling according to needed tasks. Seems to have vanished as of 4/2016.




Work At Home Vintage Employees is a contract employment service offering flexible hours and additional income to experienced and retired workers from the insurance industry., Inc.


This is just the ticket for folks whose 'Golden Years' are starting to get on their nerves and who want to return to work in a limited, yet meaningful way. And for those who can use the help of professionals in human capital management to get around the roadblocks of ageism.


Stanford's Distinguished Careers Institute


Adding the musk of proven success to the crush of youthful students defines a new approach to education at an elite university. A fellowship program offers seasoned retirees the opportunity to retrain for meaningful new projects while benefitting their youthful counterparts by virtue of their...


Coming of Age


Coming of Age is a national organization inspired by a conference led by Civic Ventures (now called Encore) in San Francisco. With a vision for all the social good that can be done by people over 50, Coming of Age sponsors volunteer careers with training stipends and educational seminars. Most...


Ten Tips for Senior Entrepreneurs


"And in those days in Egypt arose a Pharaoh who knew not Joseph..."
Unforeseen change can happen late in a career - change that closes out a vocation for an older worker and yet leads to the door of opportunity to another. For someone who believes in the advice to 'follow the open doors',...


MyOhmie -- Help for Baby Boomer Makers


This is a device for Baby Boomer Makers such as myself.  I am color blind and wear tri-focals.  This make it particularly difficult to read resistor color code when working on my Arduino projects.  In the past I have had to call my wife to come and pick out the correct resistor using the color...


Encore Careers


Encore careers – purpose, passion and a paycheck in your second act.

Millions are already in the midst of inventing a new stage of life and work – the encore years – between the end of midlife and anything resembling old-fashioned retirement. We’re envisioning this chapter as a time when...



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