Skin breakdown (p1):

Pressure ulcers are a big problem in the population who spend most of the time sitting or lying due to mobility limitations

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My favorite treatment for Dry Skin

Explorer Denise shares her personal experience using Vick's VapoRub with success to treat dry, irritated skin. .........Read more


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Buck & Buck Unisex So Soft Arm Protectors


Bicyclists have long worn arm protectors out on lengthy rides; now these practical garments have been designed for everyday use. Buck & Buck sell a variety of arm and leg protectors to protect skin from bruising and tearing. These So-Soft Arm Protectors are Buck & Buck’s top sellers,...


BAM Labs Smart Bed Technology


Technology to help avoid pressure ulcers, and monitor bed exits (which may help in fall prevention). Uses wireless to connect a "smart matress" to a monitoring station.

From their website:

"Using the BAM Labs TLC Smart Bed Platform, healthcare professionals and caregivers can...



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