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Personal safety is key. Includes household safety, falls avoidance, alarms, and products like personal emergency response systems & pendants (PERS).

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Analysis & Exploration: Safety

Sensors, Dementia, Safety: Real World Experiences

Using a handful of simple, non-intrusive sensors, retired engineer Bob Glicksman has been able to learn all sorts of important things about the daily routine of an elderly person, who has cognitive impairment, and for whom he cares. He has been able to make multiple successful interventions to... .........Read more



Fall proofing ME: What Can I Do?

The media is awash with stories about older adults falling and hurting themselves, and these reports usually mention that one in three of those over 65 will fall each year. This article is about what you can do to make falls less likely. .........Read more



Fall proofing your house: a checklist

For the older adult worried about falls, one of the most important tasks is to "fall-proof" your house. There are numerous services you can retain to help with this. But how do you know they have done the right things? And, if you are the friend or family of an older adult, how can you do a "... .........Read more



Explorer Discussions: Safety

Explorer Recommends Lock Box to Save Your Door

Explorer Geri shares the idea that people who have some type of emergency alert should have a lock box with a house entry door key, so first responders can gain entry in an emergency without kicking in the door. .........Read more

Brainstorming: Emergency Alert Pendants

Circle members participate in a lively discussion of 'what works and what doesn't' about their emergency call pendants. Numerous design flaws were identified, including: too large, not comfortable to wear, no voice communication channel, some 'dead zones' - even on campus. Seemingly, more would... .........Read more

More Reactions: Lively Wearable Medical Alert

The group scrutinizes the Lively Great Call emergency call system, an iteration which incorporates several upgrades to its previous models. .........Read more

Jitterbug Smart Phone: Explorer Shares

Explorer John brought his Jitterbug Smart smartphone to share with explorer circle. .........Read more

Who Decides It's Time to Stop Driving? And How?

The Explorer Circle takes on the question of driving cessation from first-hand experiences with parents and personal observation. .........Read more

How these Explorers Stay in Touch with Family & Friends

Explorer Anna is wanting to know the services or devices that people use to stay connected with friends or family and assure their safety. .........Read more


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Useful Products & Resources: Safety (shared by our Explorers)

VitalBand is designed to detect falls, monitor vital signs, and send reminders, while in the form of a wristwatch.
SayOK365 is an email subscription system intended to allow potentially isolated persons to 'check in' regularly or to send a distress message if help is needed.
TruSense is intended to provide a customizable network of sensor and interactive devices to monitor and report personal and environmental conditions inside and outside of the home.
American Red Cross mobile apps
American RedCross mobile apps are available for emergency preparedness, first aid training, and disaster reporting and recovery as well as other important areas of service organized by the Red Cross.
Wearsafe, distress signal
Wearsafe is a silent distress signal system which is designed to summon friends or family to assist without the phone being seen.
Drivesafe Lenses, vision care
Zeiss DriveSafe lenses are designed to solve the problems that older adults report while driving at night or adverse weather conditions.
Tunstall Vi+  home sensor system
The Tunstall Vi+ is a home sensor system with a wide range of sensing capabilities, including environmental hazards such as fire, flood and temperature extremes.
Essence Voice Panic Detector, medical alert system
Voice Panic Detector with Intelligent Voice Activation™ adds a new layer to the medical alert system design: Using advanced speech recognition technology, The detector is a nearby microphone that identifies specific phrases called out by the user. The device is activated when it detects a sequence...
CareSensus home monitoring system
CareSensus by Philips is attempting to solve the problem of how to merge a home monitoring sensor system with a team of remote care staff.


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