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Assisted living, skilled nursing facilites, CCRCs etc

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Analysis & Exploration: Residential care options

The Power of Community

The power of community: thoughts from a co-housing pioneer.
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What Are My Housing Options as I Age?

Most of us want to age in the place we call home. Whether we live in a home that we own or live in a rented apartment, some day we will doubtless face challenging life circumstances that will beg the question “Should I stay, or should I go?”. Here are the things to consider so you make the right...
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Retirement Living: How Much Will it Really Cost?

At the outset, the greatest barrier to moving into a retirement community can be the cost. Therefore, most homeowners and renters find it attractive to age in place at home in the community where friends and services are nearby. However, the cost of remaining at home can become very high in the...
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Explorer Discussions: Residential care options

Neglected in the Corner: I Don't Want That to be Me

A Tech-enhanced Life member writes in from the Internet to ask how to avoid this horrible fate. Some answers start to emerge but it needs more thought.
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Retirement Living in Multiple Geographies

Explorer Mary speaks from recent experience with her father, 91, who is looking into retirement community living, and explains how we need a different type of retirement community..
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Senior Living Alternatives: Compilation

Explorer Geri Spieler presents some research she has done, creating a compilation of retirement lifestyles which are alternatives to the standard Assisted Living setting.
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Idea: Vacation Swaps between Retirement Communities

The Explorer group discusses John's proposal that retirement communities in destination locations offer their residents the opportunity to swap places as a travel option.
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Non-age segregated living option: explorers discuss

Explorer Mary tells the group that she would like to see a retirement living option in a mixed-use setting including younger people and families with children.
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Useful Products & Resources: Residential care options (shared by our Explorers) Home Compare

Nursing Home Compare offers consumers a rating service for Nursing Homes that participate in the Medicare program.

The Senior Cohousing Handbook

Senior Cohousing Handbook
Architect Charles Durrett focuses on the creation of intentional senior cohousing communities as the active adults' alternative to aging in an assisted living facility.

Housing Information for Senior Citizens (HUD)

Housing, subsidized senior housing, senior housing information
The US Department of Housing and Urban Renewal (HUD) sponsors this informative website. It is helpful to those seeking housing, especially affordable or subsidized housing, as well as family and friends who want to help in the search. It helps locate the appropriate type of housing, how to apply,...

senior housing, housing choices, is an online non-profit guide to mental health and well-being as well as other helpful information including a guide to choosing among senior living options. Since the choices are many, following the assessment checklist can be a real help in narrowing the field of appropriate choices...


Seniorly, placement, senior housing, housing search
Seniorly is a senior placement website that streamlines the search process and makes connections with select providers of senior housing in the California SF Bay Area.

Institute on Aging

Gerontology, Institute on Aging, senior services provider
Institute on Aging is a San Francisco based non-profit organization that is a resource for those seeking advice or services in the field of aging. Home Care, Care management, Financial Services, Psychological and Medical Services are available, as are an activities and arts programs and the all-...

Automatic Stove Turn-off Devices


A selection of available electric stove turn-off products which can help increase cooking safety for those with dementia and/or who still have good stove skills and judgment but are liable to forget occasionally. These devices come with a timer, a motion sensor, and an automatic stove shut-off...


Aging in the Right Place

Book, Aging in Place, Golant,Aging inthe Right Place
Aging in the Right Place highlights the profound influence of where older people live and receive long-term care on their ability to age successfully. It explores the many pathways to thriving in old age, ranging from aging in place (staying put) in their current homes to moving to housing and care...

Golden Reviews


Reviews and ratings for "senior care". This site is designed to help someone who needs residentail senior care compare their options and find the best one.

They try and cover all the major living options: assisted living, independent living, continuing care communities, skilled nursing...



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