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Analysis & Exploration: Medication management

Medication Management Systems: Which?

"Good" medication management is widely believed to be desirable, by older adults as well as by clinicians. This article is about what factors make medication management systems useful for a given person, and outlines a series of circumstances for which specific features of these products can be... .........Read more



A Conversation You Haven't Had with Your Doctor...But Should

Drug company advertisements often end with the phrase “Ask your Doctor about…” followed by the newest drug being promoted. While surely they mean to ask if the new drug is right for you to start taking, I suggest a different question to ask your Doctor:... .........Read more



So You Want to Build a Pill Dispenser? Focus on Filling!

Do you have an idea for a pill dispensing product? Good for you. You’ve seen the problem and complexity of multiple medication and you have an idea to make it better. I commend you.

At NightingaleRx we’ve learned a few things from evaluating other pill dispensers and studying the... .........Read more



Explorer Discussions: Medication management

A Guided Exploration of Pill Management Methods

SF Village explorers join in a guided exploration of five key questions about how they organize and manage their pills (prescriptions and dietary suppliments). .........Read more

How we Manage Medication While Traveling

Explorer Rosalie expresses concern that people using daily pill organizer boxes may become confused when traveling to other time zones, and wonders what one should do about this issue? The group has thoughts and some answers. .........Read more

Shelf liner for gripping: more use cases

These explorers report on yet more uses for grippy shelf liner, as a way to compensate for poor grip in one's hands, as a result of arthritis and related conditions. .........Read more

Aging in Place MeetUp: Medication Management

The Aging in Place Technologies Meetup discussed medication management in June. In gory detail. The discussion audio is included. .........Read more

Medication Organizer Gadget Show & Tell @ EVC

Longevity Explorers at Eskaton Village Carmichael explore and discuss a variety of products designed to organize and store various types of pills. .........Read more

Talking Alarm Clock Explored

Explorer Bob reports on his talking alarm clock which he uses for medication reminders. .........Read more


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Useful Products & Resources: Medication management (shared by our Explorers)

Memo Box Deluxe

Memo Box Deluxe by Tinylogics is a modular smart pill dispenser system that is designed to work with Wi-Fi and an optional smartphone app.

Worst Pills, Best Pills

Worst Pills, Best Pills is a reference website with commentary on drug interactions or potentially harmful drugs which may be pending removal from the market.

dr Poket Pillbox, medication management aid

The Dr Poket Android app is intended, among other things, to be a reminder to the user to take the right medications at the right time, and to notify designated persons if they are not taken.

Livi, medication management aid

Livi is a large capacity countertop medication storage and dispensing device which is Internet connected in order to send messages to designated persons in case of missed doses or other medication history data.

MedaCube, medication management aid

MedaCube is a connected medication organizing and dispensing device with up to a 90-day capacity and is designed to send text messages to designees in the case of missed doses.

MedCenter 31-Day Pill Organizer with Reminder, medication organization and management

This 31-Day pill organizer is sold in combination with a programmable reminder clock to assist the user with medication compliance.

PASS Packs, medication adherence aid

PASS Packs by Parata Technology is a prepackaging system for pharmacies designed to assist patients with medication adherence. Doses are prepackaged and marked by time of day.

SimpleMed+, medication management aid

SimpleMed+ is a medication organizer and manager using an internal cellular modem for reporting useage. It is designed to be refilled by prepacked med strips or can be filled manually.

CompuMed, medication adherence aid

CompuMed is a countertop device to store and dispense medications at pre programmed times, with alerts.



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