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One of the more common, and consequential, negative aspects of aging. Incontinence, urinary and fecal, are major reasons why the elderly move into residential care.


For Older Adults, their Families, and Caregivers

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Because Incontinence Products

Incontinence Products

Because offers home delivery of specially designed incontinence products.


Willow Incontinence Underwear

Willow incontinence underwear

Willow offers men's and women's lines of adult incontinence products designed to be absorbent and discreet.



CareZips, adaptive clothing

CareZips is an approach to adaptive clothing intended to protect the dignity of the wearer during the process of changing of incontinence products.


Speax Pee Proof Underwear

Icon incontinence underwear

Speax Pee Proof Underwear is a non bulky alternative to pads and adult diapers for control of stress incontinence and minor bladder leaks.


UnderCare: The Underwear Solution

Undercare, accessible clothing, arthritis aids

UnderCare is a line of underwear for men or women who have arthritic or post-injury limitation of their range of motion, and have difficulty dressing including putting on underwear.


SiempreSecos provides sensor that alerts when it's time to change diaper


Barcelona-based startup SiempreSecos (aka AlwaysDry in English) has created a range of silicone urine sensors for use in babies’ nappies, or for older people suffering incontinence disorders. The basic problem is that it’s inconvenient and/or invasive to have to keep checking...


Pixie Scientific


Smart, disposable adult briefs to screen for urinary tract infections and track hydration.

"Once a day you or a caregiver can scan the front of a wet Pixie Brief with a phone or tablet.  It takes less than ten seconds from start to finish. Our algorithms instantly begin to analyze the...



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