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Analysis & Exploration: Hearing and vision

Lighted Magnifier: Read menus in dim light

Reading under poor lighting conditions is a common problem, not only for reading menus, but also for reading in bed, or seeing small type in a poorly lit space. What is needed is some type of lighted magnifier. There are four categories of solutions for this common problem. The pro’s and con’s...
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Improving Cinema Experience for the Vision Impaired

I recently became aware of an entire ecosystem of services to help people with all levels of vision impairment enjoy movies. These services provide an audio description of the visual scene. It's a bit like subtitles, but for the blind. Of course these services can help those with other vision...
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Explorer Discussions: Hearing and vision

i Phone and Hearing Aids

How well does the i Phone work with hearing aids? Hear this discussion from our March circle.
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New (Better) Hearing Aids: Show & Tell

Explorer Helen tells the group about a type of hearing aid that works in tandem with the iPhone.
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Gadgets for Older Adults @ SSF, Part 2

Explorer Rita reads from her copy of the First Street catalog about FocusSpecs adjustable reading glasses with a knob on each side to independently adjust reader strength in each lens.
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Explorers Learn to Read in the Dark with Smartphone Apps

Explorer Shelley wants to live an active life, but is embarrassed when in a dimly lit club or restaurant and can't read the menu.
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Eye Reader @ SequoiasSF

The Longevity Explorers at the Sequoias San Francisco are introduced to the Eye Reader iPhone app for ease of reading small or dimly lit print.
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Eye Reader App Discussed and Compared

Explorer Larry reports on his Eye Reader iPhone app, describing how it turns on the phone's LED light and magnifies print or other subject matter (such as finding a splinter in his finger) using the phone's camera.
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Useful Products & Resources: Hearing and vision (shared by our Explorers)


amplifier, hearing aid
AUD-1 is an app for smartphone or computer which is intended to allow the hearing impaired user to amplify and fine tune sounds heard through headphones to meet individual needs.

Consumer Reports: Hearing Aid Buying Guide

hearing aid buying guide
The Hearing Aid Buying Guide is a thoroughgoing tutorial by Consumer Reports informing consumers on a variety of hearing loss related topics.


iHEAR hearing aid
iHEAR Medical is a website offering affordably priced hearing aid devices, with optional home testing and remote adjustments.

DriveSafe Lenses by Zeiss

Drivesafe Lenses, vision care
Zeiss DriveSafe lenses are designed to solve the problems that older adults report while driving at night or adverse weather conditions.

National Hearing Test

National Hearing Test
A test to see if you are hearing impaired

ReSound Lapel Microphone

resound lapel microphone

The ReSound Lapel microphone is a small device that wirelessly pairs to a LiNX hearing aid. You hand it to a person and they clip it to their lapel. Now you are able to hear them clearly from quite a ways away. The ReSound can also be placed on a table top to hear everyone sitting around the...


Magnifier Android App

Magnifier, reading aid app,
The Magnifier app is an Android version of the EyeReader iPhone app.

Lighthouse for the Blind

Lighthouse for the Blind, low vision, services and products for the vision impaired
Lighthouse for the Blind is a group of unaffiliated non-profit organizations nationwide providing services, training, products, and employment placement for persons with low vision or blindness.


OrCam, Low vision aid, wearable tech, smart glasses
OrCam is a wearable Artificial Intelligence which is designed to mount on a pair of glasses, gather a visual signal, and read that signal to the wearer.


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