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Analysis & Exploration: Hearing and vision

Lighted Magnifier: Read menus in dim light

Reading under poor lighting conditions is a common problem, not only for reading menus, but also for reading in bed, or seeing small type in a poorly lit space. What is needed is some type of lighted magnifier. There are four categories of solutions for this common problem. The pro’s and con’s... .........Read more



Low Vision: Aids, Adaptations & Resources

People with low vision often benefit from adaptations, low vision aids and devices, and supportive resources for their daily activities. This article is about these tools. .........Read more



Improving Cinema Experience for the Vision Impaired

I recently became aware of an entire ecosystem of services to help people with all levels of vision impairment enjoy movies. These services provide an audio description of the visual scene. It's a bit like subtitles, but for the blind. Of course these services can help those with other vision... .........Read more



Explorer Discussions: Hearing and vision

i Phone and Hearing Aids

How well does the i Phone work with hearing aids? Hear this discussion from our March circle. .........Read more

Lightbulb Replacement: Look for the Lumens

Explorer Marilyn reports that when her 100 watt closet bulb burned out, someone replaced it with one of 60 watts - inadequate for her purposes. .........Read more

The Problem with My Hearing Aids

Explorer Jean Marie complains about hearing impairment - even with hearing aids - in settings with a lot of background noise. .........Read more

Can this Device Help Improve Speech Imperfections?

Explorer Lynn demonstrates a product intended for use by teachers as well as other professionals in teaching or treating speech therapy. Explorers speculate on many possible use cases. .........Read more

Hearing Problems we Need Solved

Explorer Shelly opens the discussion on hearing problems by saying that he has the most trouble hearing, even with hearing aids, in a movie theater. .........Read more

Questions and Answers about Contact Lenses

Explorer Helen has questions for the group before she goes ahead with getting contact lenses. .........Read more


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Useful Products & Resources: Hearing and vision (shared by our Explorers)

Aira, low vision navigation app
Aira is an app for blind or low vision users. It is designed to work on wearable devices paired with a smartphone, and by connecting the user to a call center where agents may assist with reading and navigation.
Prismo Text Capture
Prizmo Go is an iOS app intended to capture text and allow the user to interact with it in various ways, including reading it back by voice.
Blind & Visually Impaired Camera
TapTapSee is an iOS app designed to use an iPhone's camera to capture an image, and then announce its identity to the user.
Optelec Compact Vision Aid
The Optelec Compact+ is a palm sized magnifier designed to offer a variety of features not found in standard magnifiers.
Zoom Text screen magnifier
Zoom Text Magnifier is an assistive software designed to help people with low vision read their computer screen, or even read the screen content to them.
Optelec magnifier
The Optelec Traveller HD is a portable reading magnifier about the size of a tablet computer. It is intended to do the job of a bulkier table top magnifier, but with more convenience.

HearStore is an online source for many of the major brands of hearing aids (although not for Costco products). They reached out to us and asked to be listed as a resource on our website. The website looks simple and clear, and it seems a big advantage that they carry all the major vendors, as...

Here One Earbuds
Here One is a set of smart wireless earbuds paired with an app intended to control the balance and focus of ambient sounds in a variety of environments.
Widex RC-DEX
The Widex RC-DEX is intended to couple with one's hearing aids to provide wireless remote control of the hearing aids to improve the user's experience when listening to voices, television, or music.


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