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Analysis & Exploration: Health Care system

Private Patient Advocates

As our healthcare system becomes more complex and hard to navigate, a new profession has emerged: patient advocacy. Patient advocates are people who work to help patients navigate the healthcare system, and can in principle help save money, and help make sure one gets the best possible treatment when ill. In this article, we asked one of this new breed, Patricia Knight, to help our readers understand better: what is a patient advocate, what do they do, and do you need one?



Explorer Discussions: Health Care system

Access Your Medical Records in a Flash

Explorer Jan tells the group that her Book Group at SRC is promoting the idea of residents having their complete medical records on a USB 'flash' drive formatted for that purpose. .........Read more

The MOLST form: End of Life Wishes, Providence

Ensuring that one's wishes will be followed means care in selecting an "agent" having a durable power of attorney for health care.  Another important step in Rhode Island is completing a "MOLST."  In Part three of our discussion on end of life wishes at the Providence circle, Dr. Pat Gifford, a... .........Read more

Our Medical Care System Needs More Work

Longevity Explorers at Saratoga Retirement Community discuss their encounters with the health care system. .........Read more

Chronic Fatigue, Dementia, & More @ Cincinnati

We explore “chronic fatigue syndrome”, along with some of the unique challenges faced by older women when dealing with medical professionals.  Then we explore our mental capabilities as we age: What constitutes ‘normal forgetting’ and early dementia?  Finally, we devote a few minutes to good... .........Read more

A Few Minutes Brainstorming Our Own Topic Ideas

For the last part of our inaugural Explorer meeting, after listening to and lightly discussing a variety of aging topics explored by other LE groups, we spent a little time talking about what aging topics we were interested in further exploring in the future. A wide variety of possibilities were... .........Read more

First Cincinnati Longevity Explorer Meeting

This is an audio segment from the first Longevity Explorer meeting for the Cincinnati circle held in March, 2019. For this meeting, since all of us were new, we purposely took a more basic and introductory approach in our agenda.  Instead of more in-depth discussions and explorations on a few... .........Read more


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Useful Products & Resources: Health Care system (shared by our Explorers)

Picnic Health


Picnic Health is a subscription-based service that tracks and stores medical records, creating a comprehensive health timeline for its users.


MD Live


MD Live allows online access to a physician or behavioral health therapist by means of a secure account.


Heal: House Calls by Doctors


Heal is a service that provides a physician visit at home.


Grand Rounds


Grand Rounds is a web-based service designed to take many common hassles out of finding medical care, or arranging a second opinion. The intention is for Grand Rounds to act as a virtual care manager, even locating a physician or specialist who accepts your insurance. Doubtless, the efficacy of...




Healthspek is a mobile app designed to help the user manage all personal, emergency, insurance, family and caregiver information. Note: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.


Personal Health Record with audio Recording


It’s an accordion filer with tabs for storing all your paper and electronic medical records. It also has a high-fidelity audio recorder and playback device embedded in the inside cover. You take it with you every time you go to the doctor. There are tabs for organizing your documents, like...


Health 2.0 Silicon Valley


Meetup group focused on Health; meet 3rd Tuesday of every month.


LeadingAge California


Advocate for quality nonprofit senior living and care.


National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers


NAPGCM is a non-profit professional development organization whose mission is to advance professional geriatric care management through education, collaboration, and leadership.

A professional Geriatric Care Manager (GCM) is a health and human services specialist who helps families who...



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