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Explorer Discussions: Driving, Transport

Driving at Night, SRC discussion

Older adults experience various challenges with driving at night. This discussion focuses on vision related issues, and includes glare from oncoming headlights on glasses, and the difficulty of avoiding bright LED headlights which can cause adaption problems. .........Read more

Siri Endorsed for Navigational Skill

Explorer Lynn describes her initial introduction to Siri as a most helpful navigation aid while driving. .........Read more

Explorer Reports on GoGo Grandparent

Explorer Barbara tells the group about a service that allows people without a smartphone to use a cell phone or a wire line to call to summon a ride from Uber or Lyft. .........Read more

Why We Want Driverless Cars

Explorer Pat notes that the campus fitness center is at the top of a steep hill and inaccessible to handicapped people who do not have electric carts. Explorers speculate why driverless cars might be the solution. .........Read more

Bus Safety: Marilyn's Inventions for Better and Faster Boarding

Explorer Marilyn describes her ideas for helping elderly or disabled persons more easily and safely board buses. .........Read more

Who Decides It's Time to Stop Driving? And How?

The Explorer Circle takes on the question of driving cessation from first-hand experiences with parents and personal observation. .........Read more


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Useful Products & Resources: Driving, Transport (shared by our Explorers)

Senior Rides by GreatCall Lyft
GreatCall has teamed with Lyft to offer a ride service using live operators, eliminating the need for a smartphone app.
Drivesafe Lenses, vision care
Zeiss DriveSafe lenses are designed to solve the problems that older adults report while driving at night or adverse weather conditions.
Routesy transit app
Users are saying good things about this free San Francisco transit app which shows a lineup of public transit options arriving at your location in the order of arrival.
NextBus, interactive bus schedule
The NextBus App can be downloaded to iOS or Android devices and tells you when the next bus will be coming on a given route near your location.
Lyft Concierge
Rides to medical care for seniors
GoGoGrandparent, Standard telephone, service delivery
GoGoGrandparent offers tailored senior services via the convenience of a phone call instead of an app for parents who are not smartphone owners or users.
swivel seat cushion, car mobility aids
The swivel seat cushion (from drive medical) assists turning when entering or leaving a vehicle or other stationary seating.
Lyft mobile app, care for hire, transport app
Lyft is a mobile app to order a ride. It is a direct competitor to Uber.
Flywheel mobile app, taxi, transport
Flywheel is working to bring the same Internet enabled experience as Lyft and Uber to traditional taxi cab companies for the user who is more comfortable riding with a cab driver.


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