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Analysis & Exploration: Driving, Transport

Gerontech Products We Wish Existed

Here are some high-impact, gerontechnology product concepts that do not yet exist as commercially available products — although the technology to enable them already largely exists. Our hope for products like these: to significantly postpone the time at which frailty and functional disability get in the way of "living life".



Explorer Discussions: Driving, Transport

How to Know When to Stop Driving: AAA Talk

How to Know When to Stop Driving, John Paul, guest speaker from AAA Northeast by Longevity Explorers: Recent @ Providence

“People outlive their driving ability by eight to ten years,” said John Paul, the guest speaker from AAA Northeast.  Without alternatives, giving up driving can... .........Read more

I Want to Do My Own Driving Evaluation

Explorer Ron frames the question: "How does one decide whether or not to continue driving?" Should it be one's self, or someone else? .........Read more

Designing Elder-centered Transport

The Virual1 Longevity Explorers group engaged in a lively and far ranging discussion about transportation for elders. It covered transportation by private auto, public transportation, and private services. It also reviewed communities that might have less need for transportation. .........Read more

Giving Up the Car…

Trying to convince my husband and a friend it is time to consider giving up their vehicles. With that in mind I set up an Uber account for my totally NON-techie husband. Added every address I could think of he might need. Still, he found it very difficult to navigate. Forget the friend. Her... ....... Read more

Favorite Apps: SRC Explorers

Saratoga Retirement Community explorers name and discuss their favorite apps.  .........Read more

Flywheel: Hail a Cab Swiftly

Lynn presents another in the series of Longevity Explorers' favorite apps, telling the group about Flywheel, her favorite ride sharing app. .........Read more


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Useful Products & Resources: Driving, Transport (shared by our Explorers)

DriveSafe Lenses by Zeiss

DriveSafe Lenses by Zeiss

Zeiss DriveSafe lenses are designed to solve the problems that older adults report while driving at night or adverse weather conditions.


GoGoGrandparent offers tailored senior services via the convenience of a phone call instead of an app for parents who are not smartphone owners or users.

Swivel Seat Cushion

The swivel seat cushion (from drive medical) assists turning when entering or leaving a vehicle or other stationary seating.

Lyft Mobile App

Lyft Mobile App

Lyft is a mobile app to order a ride. It is a direct competitor to Uber.

Flywheel Mobile App

Flywheel Mobile App

Flywheel is working to bring the same Internet enabled experience as Lyft and Uber to traditional taxi cab companies for the user who is more comfortable riding with a cab driver.



Uber is an interactive ride service which members can summon by phone or via the Uber smartphone app.


MobileMuni is a smartphone app for sale that provides helpful information about the San Francisco Municipal transportation that does not appear on bus schedule and arrival apps.

iExit App

iExit is a mobile app that forecasts which services are available on upcoming freeway exits.

Longevity Explorer Collection


The Stander HandyBar is a portable assistive device designed to help people with mobility problems get into or out of automobiles.


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