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Clothes, the dressing process, accessories, and the other small individual touches that make so much difference to how we feel.

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Analysis & Exploration: Dressing, Grooming

We have been looking for  good arthritis clothing solutions. These products range from various special shoes for arthritis to a special type of arthritis bra. This article uses videos from around the web to demonstrate some of those solutions, and we... .........Read more



Recent Ithaca College Occupational Therapy Student Rebecca Helbraun discovers the challenge that toenail cutting poses for older adults; does some research; and invents, designs and prototypes a new solution. She shares her journey here. .........Read more



Whether by accident, injury, amputation, disease or any other cause, functional challenges continue to cause problems with regard to dressing fashionably with minimal assistance. Born of the marriage of the occupational therapy and fashion design disciplines, not unlike Tech-enhanced Life's Freedom... .........Read more



We held our first Freedom Wear Meetup in New York City on June 25th. We had a lively discussion sharing our backgrounds, experiences and visions, and touched on a number of opportunity areas that might warrant further discussion and exploration. .........Read more



Explorer Discussions: Dressing, Grooming

Eskaton Village explorers took home an array of toenail clippers and returned with a report of their findings. .........Read more

Finding the right toenail clippers to work for an older adult has been a recurring discussion topic among circle members. We have narrowed down the array of possible nail clippers and tools to a short list that seem promising for hands-on evaluation. Please check them out and comment. .........Read more

Explorer Marilyn introduces a cordless device intended to trim toenails or fingernails. She says it is flawed and explains. .........Read more
Explorer Janice seeks referrals to sources of footwear which is friendly to aging feet. .........Read more
The Explorers look at a prototype cane as well as a mass produced model, and discuss the pros and cons of both designs. .........Read more
Explorer Shirley complains that the shower head, and even shampoo bottles are finished with a smooth surface, making it difficult to grasp them in the shower with soapy, wet hands. .........Read more


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Useful Products & Resources: Dressing, Grooming (shared by our Explorers)

sock puller
Despite a number of devices for pulling socks onto the feet, here is one which is designed to do the opposite: remove socks.
Nike Hyperadapt 1.0
Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 sneakers are wearable technology for the feet, especially designed for athletes but also may be a great help for anyone who needs assistance with putting on their shoes and lacing them.
adaptive clothing
Buck and Buck is a site selling adaptive clothing and footwear for persons with disabilities that make dressing and undressing difficult.
CareZips, adaptive clothing
CareZips is an approach to adaptive clothing intended to protect the dignity of the wearer during the process of changing of incontinence products.
MagnaReady Clothes
MagnaReady shirts feature magnetic strips behind the button panels and at the cuffs for ease of dressing or undressing for anyone with diminished functional ability, including arthritis, Parkinson's, or other range of motion limitations.
Electric nail trimmer
The Roto Clipper is a battery powered nail trimmer.
Formal bibs protect clothing from food spills while maintaining the dignity of the wearer.
Undercare, accessible clothing, arthritis aids
UnderCare is a line of underwear for men or women who have arthritic or post-injury limitation of their range of motion, and have difficulty dressing including putting on underwear.
Arm Protectors

Bicyclists have long worn arm protectors out on lengthy rides; now these practical garments have been designed for everyday use. Buck & Buck sell a variety of arm and leg protectors to protect skin from bruising and tearing. These So-Soft Arm Protectors are Buck & Buck’s top sellers,...



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