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Advance directives and other medico-legal documents, including anything that is important to prepare and be ready to produce to help with navigating the healthcare system.

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Analysis & Exploration: Advance directives

Make Your Health Care Wishes Known - Easily

The New Old Age blogger Paula Span has recetly written an immensely helpful piece on new ways each of us can make our health care advance directives known.



Explorer Discussions: Advance directives

Decisions for Later in Life @SFV

The group discusses the types of decisions and documentation that tend to assure that one's desires concerning person and property are known and followed late in life. .........Read more

The Big Age-Related Problems we Worry About

SF Village explorers take on the task of listing challenging topics facing elders in later life. .........Read more

Access Your Medical Records in a Flash

Explorer Jan tells the group that her Book Group at SRC is promoting the idea of residents having their complete medical records on a USB 'flash' drive formatted for that purpose. .........Read more

Plan a Good Death: Explorers Discuss End of Life Choices

Explorers discuss making their wishes known when they reach the end of life. .........Read more

Big Decisions for Later in Life Discussed

SF Village Explorer Bob reflects on some of the important decisions about later life that are concerning him, and he is joined in the discussion by others who see this area as important as they explore becoming the leading edge of the Boomer generation. .........Read more

Medical Data Storage and Retrieval Discussed

Explorer Rich tells the group about an Apple medical app called Medical ID, which operates from the lock screen and allows quick access by responders to important medical information in an emergency .........Read more


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Useful Products & Resources: Advance directives (shared by our Explorers)

PREPARE for your care

make medical decisions

PREPARE for your care is a didactic in the form of a series of documents and film clips which are intended to instruct the viewer how to make medical decisions and document them so they can be realized at a later time.


Stanford Letter Project: Advance Directive

advance directive

The Stanford Letter Project - Advance Directive - is an online form in a letter template that is intended to allow persons to document what matters most to them and what treatments they want in the future.


Plan Your Lifespan

Plan Your Lifespan

Northwestern University offers a website for people who want to anticipate health related choices in later life, to familiarize themselves with alternatives, and create a plan of action for possible eventualities.


The Conversation Project

Conversation Starter Kit

The Conversation Project is a website intended to evoke discussion among family or friends to facilitate talking about values and wishes that often go unsaid.


Vial of Life - Have Important Medical Information for First Responders

Vial of Life

The vial contains important medical information that can assist emergency personnel in administering the proper medical treatment.



POLST, Vynca, end of life health care directives

Vynca provides secure cloud storage of a person's Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) - their end-of-life wishes - in a way that any care provider can access that information and provide informed care rather than default to heroic measures.



MedicAlert Bracelets

MedicAlert is a nonprofit organization that provides bracelets and other wearables that alert healthcare workers to serious medical conditions when you may be incapacitated.  This is especially useful for the elderly who may be unable to notify healthcare workers about allergies or other medical...


Caring Advocates - To Plan and Honor End-of-Life Decisions

Caring Advocates

Caring Advocates provides help with: Living Wills; Evaluation and planning; Advance Directives.


Everplans - Help Making Plans for Aging Parents

Everplans for the elderly

This web site provides a tool to help make a plan for all kinds of events at all life stages. For Aging Parents it helps with: Decisions about living situations; Medical decisions; Getting paperwork organized; Pre-Plan a funeral .. or at least talk about funeral wishes.



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