Will Older Adults Want Your Product?

Webinar Recording

Below is the video and audio recording from a recent webinar from Dr. Richard Caro. You can read the abstract of the webinar, below the video.






About this Webinar

At our Longevity Explorer circles we keep seeing new products that seem to be designed to solve problems that aren't real "problems", or that just work poorly in the hands of older adults. We want to help change that.

Here is our idea.

Why not get early feedback on your concept from an independent, objective group of potential older adult "customers" early on in the design process — rather than waiting until you have invested years of effort and $millions in developing it?

You are probably thinking "We already do that".

OK. But having the kool-aid drinkers test whether the kool-aid works is different than having an independent, objective, third party group do the evaluating. And that is where this webinar comes in.

In this webinar we will be introducing a way for innovators to get rapid, structured feedback about how close they are to having achieved problem-solution fit — in the eyes of an engaged, independent & objective group of older adults.

This webinar is for people developing products and services for older adults. 


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