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Instructions for topic submission

Propose a topic for discussion by our Longevity Explorer circles, using the form above. We don't promise to discuss everything that is submitted, but if it is a well framed topic, and something our explorers find interesting, we most probably will discuss it.

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Please note:

  1. Discussions from our normal explorer circles are posted on this website where any of our members can listen to the discussion. Don't include anything confidential, please, in your submission above.
  2. The best types of topics are quite general ones that shed light on a subject without being related to any one specific product. Examples of topics are below.
  3. If you feel you would like to engage our explorers so they discuss your topic, and then the results are private (for you only), that may also be possible. Visit our Services page to learn more, or contact us to discuss.


Example Discussion Topics

  • Brain fitness: What are the best tools and techniques to stay mentally sharp?
  • Fall avoidance: How to be safer and prevent falls?
  • Hearing: Hearing aid improvements? Hearing better in group settings?
  • Everyday objects: Which “jar opener” works best? Better nail clippers?
  • Arthritis widgets: New tools to help do up buttons or put on socks?
  • Mobility: Which canes work best for me? How to choose the “walker for me”?
  • Apps for 80 year olds: Which smartphone Apps are useful for me?
  • Activity trackers: Which activity trackers (Fitbits etc) do my peers like best?