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This is old stuff. The current product is Roger On In. "In" means that its firmware installs directly into your hearing aids, so no other attachments or neckpieces, or plug-ins are needed. It is very expensive, well north of US$1,250. But, it's oh, so very much worth it. I have mine coupled into my Costco KS-10 hearing aids which are really Phonaks re-branded. Costco fitters tried to tell me that Roger does not work with KS-10s, but I showed them that it does indeed. I often use it at the table for dining. It focuses its acceptance beam at whomever is talking and sends the speech directly into my hearing aids. It does not eradicate the background noise, but it makes the speech much more dominant and understandable. There are several other modes (directed at speaker, sending from presenter, and TV Bluetooth to your hearing aids), but my main use is at the dining room.