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I am not convinced that aspirational wearables are the way forward, specifically in the form of buds because they can be tricky to retain in place and they are easy to loose or misplace.

In addition, their ability to be truly multifunctional and to be able to compete with the functionality of hearing aids is a long way off into the future and I think that it isn't feasible to wear buds and hearing aids simultaneously in the interim.

A much more resilient strategy would be to rely on multifunctional hearing aids that are more securely fitted and have Bluetooth capabilities, however, even then there is still the issue of lip syncing with TVs over Bluetooth.

A more resilient strategy for the elderly with hearing difficulties is to stick with a solution that is already available, such as hearing aids, wired speakers and an Echow Show 10.

This is because the hearings aids are more practical at present and will potentially continue to evolve.

The wired speakers can be placed in relatively close proximity to the person with hearing difficulties and will avoid the issues associated with lip sinking over Bluetooth.

The Show 10 should also be placed in relatively close proximity, with its good sound capabilities and larger rotating screen that relatives can potentially use to scan the room remotely.