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Hi Frank - Sorry to be so late answering your questions.  If you have more, please feel free to ask.

1 - With their new sensors they can track when they use the water for either the sink or the toilet by attaching the sensor to the water or drain piple associated with the toilet (or the toilet tank) or sink.

2 - Subscription Fees - $45 for Cellular/LTE Livindi (I use the Cellular) - $19 for WiFi Livindi - $20 for Pendant

3 - Video Calls are unlimited.  You need to have the "Livindi Helper" app (free) on your phone.  When they call from the Pad, you have the option to answer as a "Video Call" or a regular "Phone Call".  My Aunt and I have used this.

4 - The Refrigerator Door Sensor will not let you know if the door has been left open.

5 - Closed Captions do appear on the Pad.  If I have called my Aunt and she has not answered, there is a message on the Pad and she calls me back.

6 - Livindi would have to do a special bed sensor to support an alert that would pop on at night.

7 - Current "Bluetooth" devices are:  Blood Pressure, Oximeter and Scale

Thank you - Bev