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I am currently trying to get a smart home company aimed at seniors off the ground in the UK ( and have found your information very useful. Thank you.

In relation to the topic of smart locks, a partical challenge with this type of solution relates to the potential for macanical failure.

This is because many of the smart locks are very robust and a locksmith has to essentially destroy the lock to gain access, as opposed to just drilling out the barrel, which can be done by any locksmith and not just one that knows about smart locks.

This means that it could be very expensive and distressing for an elderly person that needs assistance because it is likely to take a long time to gain access.

Consequently, it is only feasible to install smart locks into properties that have another point of access with a traditional lock. However, this raises the same old issues of who has a key and can it be easily accessed?

I hope you find this information of use. Regards. Steven