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Hello Tina,
Please try a quick test to be sure the Google Voice number is still working. I assume you have the Google Voice app on your phone. Just call the Google Voice number from your mobile number to be sure it’s still working.

If it’s NOT working, I can provide a workaround that you can implement remotely.

If it IS working, then the facility did change something on their network.  Could you ask them to check and see if these network ports are open?

If they are unwilling to do that, you could demonstrate that the Echo Show is NOT the issue by connecting it to your phone’s hotspot and making a video call.

If that still doesn’t convince them, you will have to get separate Internet access for your mother. 
Will they allow her own cable or another wired Internet provider?

If not, you can get a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot from a wireless carrier that has good coverage in her location. This is typically the way that RVers get their Internet connection when travelling.