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Hello Kendall,

This now shows up as a common problem on the Amazon User Forum. After several multi-hour calls with Amazon Support, I was able to get them to open a formal ticket on it.

Since I’m not sure I’ll hear back soon, please try this as a workaround:

Here is what I’d like to suggest as a workaround for your mother when initiating a call to family members.

She should say “Alexa, call XXX’s mobile”, where XXX is their Alexa contact name.

This will start a regular phone call with that person. If this is a convenient time for a video call, they can hang up and then start a video call to your mother.

After a while, Alexa will learn that your mother wants to call that mobile number and will no longer try to call the Alexa app on her phone.

You could solve the Google Voice number showing up by adding that phone number into your phone contacts.