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Hi Johnathan,

Thanks for checking in the FAQ section first.

Let me see if I understand the issues.

  1.  When you say 'Alexa, call Johnathan's mobile" to your mom's Echo Show, it rings all of your Echo Devices, but not your phone
  2. When you say that your sibling tries to call mom's Echo Show using her Google Voice number, he gets that Google Voice message.

I'll need to do some research on number #1 and will post an update here after some testing

As for #2, please note that the Google Voice number is NOT to be used to receive phone calls.

It's really just a way for Amazon to link Alexa accounts together; it's just a reference number. That means that your siblings should only make calls using this command "Alexa, call mom's Alexa devices" with their Alexa app on their phone

Although the Echo Show can make outgoing phone calls to real phone numbers, it has no phone number to receive incoming calls. If that is something that you need, you would either need to use one of these solutions:

  • Amazon Echo Connect with either a landline or a VoIP device
  • AT&T NumberSync with a post-paid (not a prepaid) account