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Hello Frank,
I have set up an Echo Show 8 to take over to my 96 year old mother so that I, and I hope siblings, would be able to connect with her by video. She does not have a cell phone. I have done all of the steps that you outline (with my Android Cell) using her individual google account with her own google voice number and with her individual amazon account.
I can video call her Show 8 and I can drop in on her Show 8 with my (Android)cell phone as expected. Here are some wrinkles that I cannot yet figure out.
When I attempt a call from her Show to my cell number, all of my alexa devices in the house ring, but nothing rings on my cell even with my alexa account app open . I can answer with any one of the house alexa devices for an audio only conversation, but thats it, no connection through my app.
I added one of my siblings cell phone numbers into mom’s new alexa contacts. I have confirmed on her Show that it is in her contacts correctly. When he trys to call her Show (Using the Google Voice number) through his IOS alexa app he gets a message that alexa calling needs to be authorized.
Any ideas?