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Hello Allynn,

I don’t have a Roku so I’m unable to test this. I can see why you are having problems finding an adjustment as I didn’t see anything on the Roku support site.

But the user forum says this in a post under the “brightness control”

“I've looked in the manual as well as searched the forums, so please forgive me if this is documented someplace.
How to I change the settings to allow the M1000 to display large fonts? Thanks much!

Press the "Bright" button on the remote. This brings up a menu where the left and right arrows control brightness, and the up and down arrows adjust the font size. Press select to confirm your change. It's on page 37 of the most-recent manual, for reference, although there's an error in the manual which has the buttons reversed.”

On the Fire Tv there are several settings under Accessibility for Text Banner which makes the selected text bigger.
I prefer the Fire TV as it also supports Alexa Calling and Alexa Routines