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Appreciate your detailed instructions. I've used Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Firestick and Xbox One. In every situation, there are glitches that my 59 year old spouse find difficult to navigate.

A few examples:
- sound works for a while after turning on TV, but then goes away - solution: tell Alexa to turn TV off, then on
- Alexa doesn't respond to requests to reduce volume or mute requiring yelling or walking over to the Sonos beam and pressing the mute/volume buttons
- while watching a program on Live Hulu, suddenly the app reverts back to the menu - solution: use the remote to navigate back to Live
- while watching a program on Netflix app on Xbox, suddenly Xbox puts up a half screen advert suggesting you play a game you haven't played in months - solution: hit the red B button on the controller

I have yet to get a streaming device that doesn't have some glitches. Some glitches seem related to the app (Hulu, Netflix, etc.) others seem related to the streaming device (AppleTV, Firestick, Roku, Xbox).

We are close to reverting back to a cable box rather than streaming devices as my spouse is unwilling to recall the various solutions or try different things. I don't really WANT to be the mistress of the remote control or Alexa yelling, but that seems to be my role.