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I want to let you know this CAN BE DONE as I have done this for my Aunt and some of her friends.

While the Echo Show 8 is a great device for doing video calls with your Mom, its takes a bit to get that setup… see this article I wrote 

You configure it at your house and then ship it to the facility. However, if you feel that the staff there can’t or won’t be able to connect it to the facility Wi-Fi, then you will need to look at a video calling device such as GrandPad or Claris with a built-in cellular connection… see this article


Now, let’s talk about the control of the TV. This is something that the Echo Show 8 can’t do, but there is another Amazon device called a Fire TV Cube that can control the TV; on//off, volume, HDMI input selection, cable/satellite box and HD TV antenna channels.

 But, I’m afraid that this setup will require you to be there is you need to connect it to the TV with an HDMI cable and be sure any IR signals are being picked up by the Roku.

Amazon has some great videos on the setup here and they guide you step-by-step. I suggest that removing the Roku would be an option to make it easier as your Mom will have full control of things she use to watch on Roku such as Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu and YouTube

Regarding a soft voice, your Mom could actually speak into the Fire TV remote or I can tell you how to make the Echo Show 8 relay her voice commands to the Fire TV Cube

Please feel free to ask more questions here if this is not clear.

I’m in the process of writing a complete Solutions article for this site on Fire TV Cube setup