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Thank you so very much, Frank. Your article is by far the best and most helpful (most informative) thing I've seen on the web for setting up Alexa Communicate call options. I've only had my two Alexa Show 10s (3rd and 2nd Gen. - couldn't pass-up a great sale on the 2nd Gen.) for a less than a week and really wanted to learn everything I could to prepare to set one Echo Show p for my Mom who is the retirement home, and is in the early stage of dementia.

If I read and recall correct, I think your article mentioned uninstalling the Alexa App and then reinstalling it again as a way to setup a different Amazon account on the smartphone, but unless I'm mistaken (and I could be) I've seen the Sign Out (of Amazon Account) option under general settings that seems a way to deal with setting a different account using the same smartphone (then logging out of the 'other' account and logging back into your own). Haven't actually tried it yet (almost afraid to) but I'm sure I will at some point soon, and in the meantime, thought I'd share this tip with you.