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Since your loved one already has an Amazon account, you will just need to add their flip phone number to their Amazon account. They do not need a smartphone with the Alexa app as long as they are able to read the code sent by Amazon when adding it to their account.

Setting up that number as a Contact:

* Add their name and that flip phone number as a Contact in your Alexa app

* Ask anyone else wishing to call them to do the same

Since you are setting up the Echo Show for your loved one, you will need to log in as them on YOUR Alexa app to setup their Contacts:

Log out of the Alexa app on your phone:

  • Tap More
  • Tap Settings
  • Scroll down and sign out
  • Login as your loved one
  • Tap Communicate
  • Tap the person profile in upper right
  • Tap on their name
  • Tap Edit and enter that flip phone number
  • Tap Save
  • Tap back arrow
  • Tap Add New to add your Contact info and other who may call them


If you plan to use Drop In:

Be sure to enable drop in for each person’s Contact name that you want to have that feature

BTW, check that drop in is enabled on your loved one’s Echo Show in the Alexa app

  • Tap Devices
  • Tap the Echo Show name
  • Tap Settings (gear)
  • Tap Communications
  • Enable Drop in