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Hello tomoregon,

You have done excellent work planning this solution for your mom. I understand that this was up with Google voice because you didn’t have access to your mom’s flip phone during setup.

While staying with Google Voice would work fine, it would be better to convert to the flip phone number for a couple of reasons:

  1. In case Google or Amazon ever requests another confirmation in the future.
  2. You can also make phone calls to your mom’s flip phone through Alexa Calling by saying “Alexa, call XXX’s mobile” where XXX is the Alexa contact name for your mom’s number.

There should be no problem switching to the flip phone number if your friend signs into your mom’s Alexa account. Instead, you might want to do that remotely at the time to make this easier for them.  All they would only have to tell you is the code they receive on the flip phone.

Please be sure to let your mom know if there are any steps required to restart the Jetpack after a power outage.

Regarding your cousin calling your mom, they should say “Alexa, call XXX” where XXX is their Alexa contact name for your mom’s number.

Alexa will ask if they want her “Alexa devices” or “mobile” a few times until it learns their preference.

If you want Alexa drop-in privileges, you will have to remotely enable that in your mom’s account on the Echo Show and in Alexa Contacts under your name and your cousin’s name.