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I bought 2 Shows - one for my mother who lives far away; one for me. I also bought a Jetpack since she has no wifi. Also, she uses a flip phone, not a smart phone. I set up both Shows with your instructions. I've sent the Show to my mom. When it arrives she will plug it in along with the Jetpack for wifi. I expect things to go OK. A friend who has some tech ability will be over in a few days. My question is this: I used a Google voice number for the set up. The GV number is on her Alexa account at present. When the techy friend is there I would like to change the phone number in her Alexa account to her flip phone number. Hopefully the friend will be able to respond to the text on her phone. Do you foresee any problems? Is there any advantage? Lastly, her device has the name, "Mom's Show". Will my cousin, for example, be able to call my mom's device by calling "Mom's Show" from her Alexa contacts with mom's flip phone number? Thank you.