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Hi Frank thank you for your reply. I set up the echo device with an Amazon account set up for my dad specifically for this purpose. I linked the device to my daughter’s number. We found that despite adding contacts and asking our mobile Alexa apps to call dad, or dad asking his echo to call us, it has not made the connection. The only way I could video call him was by using the drop in feature from my daughter’s phone. Even though she enabled drop in for me, my Alexa app tells me that my dad’s device is not available. We have got round this problem as follows: on my phone - signing out of my Amazon account and re-signing in as dad. A passcode was sent to my daughter’s phone to give permissions, so I am now able to drop in on dad using my own phone. Daughter happy. This is working ok as we have arranged the same time every day for me to drop in, which fulfils the purpose of ´seeing’ dad. Still unclear as to why asking Alexa to make a call isn’t working, but I will try it again and see if being logged in on my phone will make the difference. Thank you for your advice and great articles. Salle