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I set up an echo show for my dad linking it to my daughter’s mobile phone number. (She lives with me). I want to video call dad using Alexa app on my phone. We practised at our house - all working fine. Posted Alexa to dad and the telephone engineer set it up and running for him, obviously on dad’s wifi. Video call between dad’s show and my phone Alexa app working fine both with me calling him and vice versa. One day later and the devices won’t connect. It looks like I am calling the echo show on the app ( it’s named as my daughter’s Alexa device on the app) but the call fails. My poor dad had spent the whole evening saying ‘Alexa call Salle’ and my phone never registered the call. Do the apps need to be permanently open on our phones for it to work? The only difference I can think of is that my daughter enabled drop in and then tried to give my number permission to drop in but that’s not working either... not sure if we’ve confused the device. I’m not especially tech savvy myself, I just want to be able to video call my dad. Have we set this up wrong? My daughter is already getting annoyed at being roped in to try and sort it out