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Hello Carol,

Since we don't have access to the motion detection built into Echo Show, I used a physical motion sensor. See the Smart Home Triggers section of this article

Since the Echo Flex is a "wall plug" mounted type device, its location may not be suitable for detecting your Dad's motion. You could try one of the solutions I used:

1. A tabletop outlet with the Echo Flex plugged in there

2. A USB extension cable that supports data transfer

Both of these methods require some hands-on installation and mounting tricks.

There are some battery-operated motion sensors that would be easier to mount, but they require adding a "hub" which is typically Ethernet connected to a router

I have one other method for you. Namely, a push button. If you think that would work for your Dad,  see the article linked above

BTW, Alexa supports other languages:

* Devices- select device

* Language