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Hello Melinda,

I think the best way to handle this is to keep your Mom’s Echo Show on your own Amazon Account until you visit her.

You still can do video calls with her by saying “Alexa, call ‘XXXX’ ”  where XXX is whatever you named your Mom’s Echo Show.

You can even drop-in on her. If you haven’t enabled that feature, you can do that in your Alexa app under:

  • Devices
  • Your Mom's Echo Show name
  • Communications
  • Drop in

Your Mom can also call you. You might want to rename your device to something like “Melinda” so that she can just say:

“Alexa, call Melinda”

Now you might be wondering why everyone doesn’t use this simple setup for their loved one’s devices like this. Here is a discussion and the +/- of doing it like this.