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Hello Carol,

Thanks for sharing this very interesting Alexa Skill. After seeing several requests for a dementia calendar/clock, I was preparing to start work on it. This saves me the trouble! As you mentioned, the developer has included a lot of options and it appears not to interfere with other functions.

It’s great that you added a timed Alexa Routine to restart it every morning. I’m using a motion sensor to relaunch another Alexa Skill when a loved one approaches the Echo Show. Amazon does not allow developer’s access to the Echo Show camera detection logic. Here are a couple of other Alexa Routine ideas that you may find interesting.

Since you are using the Alexa App on your phone in your Dad’s account, did you notice that you can relaunch the skill on his Echo Show from there?

 In my limited testing, I found that if I ask Alexa to perform a command, such as asking for the weather, the screen saver Skill will not relaunch. This problem is the main reason I haven’t created a dementia display. I’m working on a way to relaunch Skills.

While spoken commands will stop the screensaver Skill, it appears that the “Home Content” rotating display does not interrupt it. I recommend turning off there everything except weather and “Shared With You” photos to reduce confusion.

While I could create Alexa Routines to run on every hour, I found the motion sensor to be easier to implement.

Thanks again from sharing the information on this Alexa Skill.